1)Sensor Type:14.9 x 22.3mm, equivalent to 22.2 x 14.8

2)Crop Factor:1.6

3) To shoot at a 200mm on our sensor size we need to shoot at 125mm.ImageImage

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Great-White-Shark-mouth-1024-660x320 great white Vinnete

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I know that i have already done a post on how to go for halibut but with them coming in to spawn soon i feel it is appropriate. I found this good video on youtube that i feel could be really helpful and increase your chances. Here are my ten top tips to shooting halibut.

Halibut are a huge game fish and are in majority meat the only problem is their camouflage makes it very difficult to decipher from sand, a lot of the time it is a where is waldo game.

1)First off some of the best spearfishing is during the grunion run, including halibut.

2)This is simple but go as much as possible although grunion runs are the best time to go you will miss a lot of opportunities on halibut.

3)Don’t look for halibut from the surface. The halibut camo is just too good for our eyes.

4)Dive around the same patch 2-3 times.

5)When I am sure there are no fish around I move very slowly (still on the bottom ) with my gun ready for a “ on the fly shot “

6)Try finding a place with structure and sand. I find most of my fish in the sand channels with eel grass on the hard bottom “sb diver”

7)They are very well hidden some times and you will only make out a jaw or tail at first. I get most of mine in shallow water all the way into the beach, seldom over 15ft and often into less than 10ft

8)Go slow and look thoroughly. Some days they just aren’t in an area and other times they are thick in the same spot

9) look for butts when there is lots of bait in the water and there are sand channels and pockets w/ lots of eel grass around. If you get this combo keep your eyes peeled

10)California Halibut will move up into shallower water to spawn in Spring and Fall months. Spawning periods will differ slightly from southern to central and even northern California

How to fillet a Halibut: Here is a website on how to fillet a halibut


Remember these fish are spawning when they come to shallow waters, so try not to be completely detrimental to the population. Don’t over fish and try to hit up multiple spots good luck.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XWkI13oDbU how to catch video

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Whales snap crackle

Today i was out spearfishing and while i was taking a break a humpback whale breaches in the same spot i was diving.

I was diving at Refugio ca and it was the closest i have ever seen a whale get to the shore for no purpose such as trying to help an other whale. It was literally 10ft off the kelp bed and it was amazing.

Humpback whale breaching

The size and pure awesomeness of seeing something so big is indescribable and compares to few things.

Out of anything that i have ever seen in its natural environment from dolphins to sharks can not compare to that of a whale.

just remember that the smallest movement can severely hurt you and it is another thing in the water that you have to maintain respect for.

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Spearfishing for flying Asian carp

Flying Asian Carp are a vey invasive species that can over take a body of water such as a lake river Etc very fast. They reproduce like rats and tend to be dominant where ever they may go

Asian Carp

What is shown in this picture is the carp jumping because of the disturbance of the boat. To deplete the populations they kill them with the intention of using them for bait. There are videos of people shooting them with bows because it is legal. It is such a serious manner that the supreeme court has gotten involved. so what do you think should we be killing an invasive species for no reason.

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How to build your own spear gun

Every one who spearfishes comes to the point where they want to build there own spear gun and although i am not an expert on it i have done some research and have found that big guns are much harder to build due to necessary reinforcement so starting with a smaller one is more practical. Start small go big as i said i am not an expert so here is a website that gives you steps and so on.

spear gun shop

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